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Google Search Console Here is a tool that happens to be both free, but also simple and effective. Very accessible to beginners, the suite of Google tools allows you to: Highlight incoming backlinks to your site or blog.

What are SEO tools?

Top 10 Best SEO Tools

  • Google Search Console. The Search Console is a free tool offered by Google. …
  • Ahrefs. …
  • SEMrush. …
  • Google Keyword Planner. …
  • Howling frog. ...
  • Ubersuggère. …
  • GTmetrix. …
  • Speed overview page.

What are the 3 pillars of SEO? The 3 pillars of SEO: technique, content, netlinking.

What are your favorite tools to optimize and manage the SEO, SEA and SMO of a website?

Semrush is one of the most popular SEO tools. This ultra-complete software has powerful and very qualitative features. Semrush will allow you to: Know your position and that of your competitors.

What are the preferred tools to optimize and manage the SEO, SEA and SMO of a website?

Currently the most efficient tools on the French market are notably Google ads and Bing Ads and Amazon Ads.

What is the best SEO software in 2022?

1. Semrush – The best all-in-one SEO software. My favorite SEO software is Semrush, it's the one I use personally. Semrush is a comprehensive analytics tool that helps users evaluate websites of their choice.

What is the best SEO tool?

1.Google Search Console. The Search Console is a free tool offered by Google. It is complementary to Google Analytics since it allows you to measure performance related to SEO and to see the general state of your site.

What is the best SEO?

According to many experts, Ahrefs is the best free SEO tool when it comes to keyword research, rank tracking, competitor analysis, SEO audit, viral content research and more.

What is the most important element for SEO?

According to professionals surveyed, the three most important factors in SEO are links from authoritative sites, keywords in the title that are relevant to the query, and core content that is also inline with the search. of the Internet user.

What are the three essential pillars of any SEO strategy?

The 3 pillars of SEO: technique, content, popularity and the role of each in optimizing your natural referencing.

What is most important in SEO?

Today, how your page is optimized is the most important criteria for SEO. Here are the on-page factors that can affect your search engine visibility: 1. Content Quality: Good quality content is essential for your SEO today.

How to find all the pages of a site?

Site Link Count Checker will let you know the number of links on a given webpage. Simply enter the URL whose links you want to check and click the "Count Links" button.

Which Google operator can list all the indexed pages of a site? Use of the Google site: the command provides an overview of all the pages indexed on a website by the engine.

What is the number of website pages?

As of June 16, 2020, there were no less than 1.78 billion websites in the world! This statistic is impressive: in 2020, at the time of writing this article, there are 1,778,391,561 websites in the world, or 1.78 billion to round this figure.

What is the difference between a webpage and a website?

A website is a collection of interrelated web pages (and related resources) that share a domain name. Each page of a site provides explicit links (usually in the form of clickable text) that allow the user to navigate between pages of the website.

How to know the number of pages of a website?

Google Search Console In your Search Console account, in the “Index” section, click on “Coverage”. From here, you will be able to see the total number of pages on your site. You can also view the details of the total number of indexed pages by clicking on the "Valid" tab.

How to see the pages indexed by Google?

A very simple technique consists in typing in the information search engine: “the url of your page”. If Google sees your page, it is indexed and therefore referenced.

How to find the line telling search engines not to reference the page?

Go to the administration interface, then in the “Settings” menu, “Reading”. And make sure the box “Ask search engines not to index this site” is unchecked. If so, then this is the point that prevents robots from crawling your site to index it.

How to know all the pages of a site?

Go to this site and drag the "Simple google results" button to your toolbar. You must then type the url which will output the pages known to Google. "site:" is the command to find the pages of a given site.

How to find the sitemap of a site?

The sitemap is at the root of your site. You don't have to install or activate anything in your manager, it is created automatically! To view it, go to your site then type: /sitemap. xml at the end of your site URL.

What is the sitemap?

A sitemap is a representation of the architecture of a website that lists the resources offered, usually in a hierarchical form.

How to make a sitemap on WordPress?

Create an XML sitemap with Yoast SEO Go to the WordPress plugin market, search for "Yoast SEO", click "Install", wait for the installation to complete and click "Activate". That's it, your XML sitemap has just been created!

How to track a site?

A web beacon is a small tag placed on a website or in an email to track how the user interacts with the content. The tag is usually a 1 pixel by 1 pixel transparent image placed in the code of the web page.

How to track a website? Google tag manager or GTM is software offered free of charge for use by Google. It allows any neophyte user or expert in marketing, to integrate tags (javascript in general) for tracking, follow-up, conversion, etc... Without touching the source code of a website or a platform blog. standard internet.

What is an online tracker?

A tracker is a technical device which makes it possible to measure the interactions of users with a website or any other form of electronic medium (e.g. e-mails), as well as to collect information on these users and their environment at the time of the consultation. of a page.

What uses are made of tracking?

They make it possible to analyze the behavior of a visitor but without knowing his name, his contact details, his location… The personal data, the private life of the Internet user are therefore protected.

How not to be traced?

Disable your GPS If you want to avoid being tracked, start by disabling the GPS function of your smartphone. The latter can be active out of the box. Look at your settings to only use geolocation on certain applications and not continuously.

How is tracking done?

The collection is done through a code called the tracker. This item lists the history of activities performed by the device. This is called a cookie or browsing history. The next time the device is started (or connected), the tracker sends this information in the form of a coded language called a script.

How does internet tracking work?

The collection is carried out by a code, the tracker, which lists the history of actions performed by the device. This process is also called browsing history or cookie. The next time the computer or smartphone is connected, the tracker sends this information in the form of a coded language, the script.

What is the purpose of tracking?

Tracking corresponds to the monitoring of Internet users by brands. It is therefore a study of all their interests and behavior. The goal ? Better understand their needs and offer them products or services that better meet their expectations.

What is the basic tool provided by Google to analyze a website?

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool which, by mastering it well, allows you to go very far in monitoring and detecting elements to improve on the site. And it is an indispensable tool for webmasters and webmarketers.

Which tool based on Google data is part of the Google Analytics solutions? Google Data Studio: Turn data into visual dashboards and insightful reports that are easy to share.

What are the site traffic analysis tools?

Having several is not negligible to combine their functionalities and thus have a fairly complete analysis of the traffic of your website. Three tools stand out; Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Data Studio. A youngest has even recently emerged, Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Which tool is an audience analysis service for a website or an application?

Google Analytics is an audience analysis tool for websites. It allows its users to collect thousands of very useful data, related to their website visits.

How to analyze the traffic of your site?

Google Analytics is a free analytics tool that lets you know everything about your website traffic. Analyzing a site with Google Analytics is therefore the essential and necessary solution.

What is a netlinking strategy?

Netlinking, also called "external linking" or "link building" is a fundamental technique in SEO, which consists of multiplying the number of hypertext links, or "backlinks" pointing to a website, in order to improve its visibility. .

How to make a netlinking strategy? A Netlinking strategy consists in generating external links from websites of the same theme with a good reputation in order to improve the notoriety of your site in the eyes of Google. Indeed, Google favors sites with high notoriety in its search results.

What is linking?

Linking is the umbrella term for a link building strategy. This strategy consists of two levers: internal linking and external linking.

What is Linking?

Link, what is it? Pillar of SEO referencing, linking (or external linking) is a web referencing practice dedicated to links. Also called netlinking, this technique consists of creating links from other sites to your own website. These links are called backlinks.

Why do netlinking?

Its objective is to increase the number of visitors to a website, but above all to improve its natural referencing. It is therefore necessary to carry out a netlinking campaign to collect the links pointing to the online platform.

Why use netlinking?

Netlinking is used in the referencing strategy of a site. It helps to ensure its visibility, but also to increase its popularity. The goal is to have more visitors and spectators.

What does SEO mean?

For this, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or natural referencing whose primary goal is to bring qualified and free traffic to a site from search engines can help you! SEO is the art of optimizing a webpage and an entire website for search engines.

Why do netlinking?

Its objective is to increase the number of visitors to a website, but above all to improve its natural referencing. It is therefore necessary to carry out a netlinking campaign to collect the links pointing to the online platform.

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