Mailchimp: Pop-up and PDF Download Form

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Emailing is an extremely profitable, simple and effective tool. Among all the existing tools on the market: blowpipe, mailjet, mailchimp. We use mailchimp for its efficiency and its free delivery below 2000 emails.

Creating the Mailchimp PDF Download Form

Creation of the Mailchimp Pop-up

The mailchimp popup solution is ideal when you are already using mailchimp for newsletters (free up to 2000 registered emails).

A doubt about the usefulness of pop-ups, I understand you because 5 years ago, we did everything to drive them out of websites because they were too aggressive. Today they find their place on the site provided they make good use of it and adapt the content to its traffic.

Step 1: Select the Mailchimp pop-up form

In English in Mailchimp: Lists> selection of a list> signup forms> suscriber popup

Step 2: Integrate the content into the Mailchimp pop-up

We integrate the content we want while respecting the constraints:

  • a 450 × 400 image
  • textual content + hypertext link to the article or the highlighted content
  • selection of the fields of the registration form. Attention, there is a correspondence with the "general form" for the labels ...


Step 3: Integration of the Mailchimp pop-up

There is no need to be a coder but you have to enter the code all the same, more or less. For SEO reasons I recommend to position it in the footer of the website so that it can appear in all the pages





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