SEO Lawyer: Communicate like a generalist or a specialist?

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3 Typical areas of intervention of a general practitioner for individuals

> Separation, divorce, child custody, alimony, compensatory allowance, amicable or contentious procedures

> Banking, telecoms, internet disputes, neighborhood disputes, relations between owners and tenants

> Defense of perpetrators or victims of criminal offenses: theft, violence, drugs, traffic laws, driving licenses

More details on these typical areas of intervention


  • Separation out of wedlock: PACS, cohabitation, joint requests or litigation, summary proceedings and emergency procedures

  • Divorce: new divorce by mutual consent by Act of Advocate without Judge, divorce for fault

  • Calculation and request for alimony, compensatory allowance, matrimonial regime

  • Parental authority and child custody: exclusive, alternating, visitation and accommodation rights

  • Hearing of a child, educational assistance measure before the Children's Judge

  • Recognition or dispute of paternity, filiation, adoption

  • Contestation of wills, inheritance litigation

  • Civil status: change of name or first name

  • Guardianship, curatorship, assistance of adults and minors

  • Dispute between owner-lessor and tenant

  • Neighborhood disturbances


  • Advice and defense in matters of contracts, unfair terms, termination procedures, withdrawal, reimbursements, invoices

  • Telecom and Internet litigation

  • Bank disputes: credit, loan, seizure on bank account, credit card, fraudulent payments


  • Assistance to perpetrators and victims of crime : violence, threats, harassment,vol, drug use, abuse of weakness, forgery and forgery, fraud

  • Family criminal law : intra-family violence, defense of minor children

  • Traffic violations: driving while intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics, contestation of tickets, withdrawal of points, fines, speed cameras, suspension or cancellation of driving license

  • Computer offenses and crimes

  • Defense before the Correctional Court, Appearance procedure on prior admission of guilt (CRPC)

  • Police custody assistance

  • Complaint and civil party constitution

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