Prestashop Ecommerce SEO: Is SEOPresta good?

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As 33% of the world's population first look to products online for their daily purchases, there's a good chance some will land on your site. This trend being accentuated by COVID19, a better Google optimization of your e-commerce store must therefore be your priority.

Fortunately, thanks to SeoPrest a, the puzzles of choosing the optimized SEO theme are easier. Guillaume Batier and Nicolas Mercatili did a good job, the handling of the technical performance and content of SeoPresta is much better. This is what we will talk about today, but we will also discuss some of the modules of SeoPresta and the importance of the quality of backlinks .

1 The all-in-one solution: the SeoPresta theme

  • Why is the SeoPresta theme our number 1 choice?

Before the arrival of SeoPresta, even SEO specialists took days, even weeks of work to correct all the technical details to have a well-referenced site. However, today, all configurations only take a day at most thanks to SeoPresta.

  • Definition

Just like WordPress, the PrestaShop platform dedicated to e-commerce has dozens of existing themes. But none has come close to that of the duo of SEO-IT experts who decided to create SeoPresta in 2016. As the other themes were not originally optimized, Nico Bâtier of Nico Créa, PrestaShop ambassador in Montpellier decided to 'create a tailor-made one.

With more than 300,000 Prestashop users, SeoPresta is only compatible with version 1.7. It saves time especially at the technical level since its basic configuration is already optimized for Google algorithms. All that remains is to activate the cache and manually configure the meta-titles, descriptions of product sheets and other customizations .

  • The performance of the SeoPresta theme:

The performance of a site is measured by the speed of its loading and the lightness of all the elements that make up the latter. Ideally, the loading time should actually not exceed 2 seconds and the number of requests is better if it is less than 100. These are all the benefits that the SeoPresta theme confers on your e-commerce site.

The performance also depends on the host and the fact that it is mobile optimized.

In addition, the home page should not exceed the size of 2MB. All of the components of your site, especially images and videos, will need to be compressed. For example, to make your images lighter, you can use In short, all these advantages are accessible via the powerful SEO theme that is SeoPresta.

  • SeoPresta modifications
  • Meta description and cache activation

The cache allows your data to be stored on the internet and to load faster. Its activation is done in the advanced settings tab of the PrestaShop dashboard. By clicking on Performance, then Encryption, all you have to do is check yes on "Cache system".

The meta-description should therefore not be long, usually less than 25 words. Although it is no longer counted by Google in the ranking of pages, it is often thanks to it that customers click on your site rather than the one that is placed higher.

  • Good Hn markup makes Google easier to read

Headlines are very important in making Google understand what your site is about . The big title in the H1 tag is thus to be put at the top of the coding of your site. So Google reads it first and understands more quickly when it might put you in a SERP result. And so on, Google must be able to read, understand and load everything in a minimum of time.

The most important information should be added to these Hn tags. However, the size of the titles and subtitles should be less than 10 words and contain the keywords of your theme. Searching for the most popular keywords is not necessarily the solution. You should bet on longer and more specific keywords on which you are more likely to appear at the top of the rank.

  • Optimized texts: home page, product sheets

Google likes sites to highlight things on them. Headlines with keywords are therefore important. But it is also the case in your descriptions and your product sheets. Added to this a good semantic field and a netlinking and optimization of your site will be there.

As in all WordPress or Prestashop sites, the keywords should be chosen with care. Especially the ones on the home page, the links, the few relevant keywords and a little summary of everything you talk about on your site should be displayed there. Also, the images must all have their "alt" tags that describe what they contain: Google improves sites that are explicit.

  1. The main modules of SeoPresta:

SeoPresta comes with 5 default modules : Theme Editor, Menu, Silos, HrefLang and Fashion SEO Child. We will however discuss the most important in terms of SEO. SeoPresta nevertheless has at least 10 modules to date.

  • Le Module Silos by SeoPresta:

This module allows you to structure your site in several silos according to the theme of each of your products. Google prefers this kind of structure because it has a better understanding of how to index and retrieve each item. Each silo is therefore separate from the others and you have to go back to the previous entry page to access the other themes.

Let us take a concert example: you have a site selling underwater equipment. A silo will be created for each of its categories: hunting accessories, swimming accessories, high-tech underwater equipment, wetsuits, etc. Also, you cannot be in the diving suit page and arrive in the ski jets. You will have to go back to the home page and click on means of transport to get to the jets ski section. Added to this module the possibility of hiding certain links from Google that lower your SEO performance. This actually gives you the option of turning a link pointing to a lower performing page into a JavaScript button instead of the link in question.

  • The SEO module dedicated to Hreflang

The Hreflang HTML tag is used to notify Google of the language used and the geo-location of your target customers. This module therefore helps to set up this piece of code. It is especially useful if you are targeting several countries on different continents. Each of your pages will thus be better referenced according to Google's requirements.

This helps Google to reference your site according to this signal, your site will appear more easily in the regions of America if you indicate to Google that your content is in English for example.

  • Le Module Theme Editor

This module is mainly dedicated to the user experience (UX). It allows full customization of your site. From the color of your site, to the fonts, from the header to the footer of the latter.

Via this theme editor, it is also possible to adjust the menu, the banners and all the elements of the reception. Not to mention the titles and subtitles, but also the links to your social network accounts at the bottom of the page. It can also hide (or obfuscate) links, your contact details and display what are called payment security reinsurance objects, after-sales service, etc.

  1. The importance of the popularity of backlinks.

Since the arrival of Google's Penguin algorithm in 2014; only the quality of the links that point to your site are the ones that matter. We are therefore talking about the reputation or popularity of backlinks.

  • What is a backlink and netlinking?

Backlink means a link that supports or agrees with what a site says. While netlinking or link building is the construction of your link juice, that is to say your positioning against your competitors in the rank of Google.

The netlinking is thus the sum of all the backlinks and internal links of your site. Whereas backling is an external link that proves that your content is interesting and makes you want to be shared. The more backlinks pointing to your page, the more popular you are, the more good SEO points you have.

  • The SEO jus
  • Check that your backlinks are of quality

To have a good inbound and outbound link juice, care must therefore be taken to choose the right ingredients (links) that do not mix together. The theme must be the same in the 2 sites linked by the backlink. Otherwise, the Penguin algorithm risks penalizing the 2 sites, result: both will be discredited.

The home page is the page that receives most of the inbound links, so it's important to check to see if other sites are pointing to it without adding anything to yours. In case you have the site pointed, just remember that it is not the number that matters, but the quality of each of them. To remove those that are rotting your link juice, you can use the “ SEMrush Backlink Audit ” tool.

  • Find links to improve your netlinking and your juice

In this case, you can use tools like Ahrefs or Majestic SEO to find popular sites related to your topic. Thus, you will increase your rank, again this time, do not hurry to point a good number of sites, only those which have great notoriety are useful.

Without an outbound link, you will have a harder time winning the positioning war. Some sites even offer sponsored articles. These are articles from renowned sites, with the same theme and the same subject as your site, with a non-optimized do-follow link coming from the same country as you.

In summary :

  • Optimizing a Prestashop site is like optimizing a WordPress site: the site must be contextually and technically optimized. The loading time, the fact that it is mobile oriented and with texts and titles well marked with relevant keywords and a good semantic field are the same. Since the search engine remains Google, the preferred response engine for 94% of French people.
  • SeoPresta is the most popular theme because it makes it easier for a site to be better referenced more easily: technically and in terms of content.
  • One of the big differences of the SeoPresta theme is that it allows the obfuscation (to hide) the links which could harm your online reputation by Google. The second advantage of SeoPresta is that it allows it to be better referenced by Google thanks to its Siloing module by product categories. The internal mesh of the site is therefore more logical vis-à-vis Google.
  • The importance of having quality netlinking and backlinks , especially those that are on the home page because most of the links are there. Also, you should use tools like Majestic SEO to find good outbound links. And the “SEMrush Backlink Audit” tool to remove links that impairs the quality of your link juice.

By respecting all these SeoPresta criteria, your PrestaShop e-commerce site will be positioned on the first page more easily. Also, if your content is of higher quality , other sites will point to yours over time, which will improve your popularity . At the same time, it will increase your sales and income. In short, you will probably have a little trouble if you are just new to this theme. But over the years, he will be your best ally. A good SEO being the heart of a web-business, you will have every interest in using SeoPresta to get everything on the first and even the first place of the SERPs.

Specialist in growthacking and e-commerce, you will benefit from our experience to develop your contacts and your turnover in record time!

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